Systems and Product Designer

HasOffers Publisher App

The Publisher App enables websites and affiliate networks to monitor the performance of the advertising campaigns they publish. I worked on the workflow and visual redesign of the app, adding new functionality for exploring the performance of individual campaigns.

HasOffers Publisher App User Flow

The above user flow map illustrates the three main areas of the app, including the overall dashboard, network and offer level drill down, and settings. The app needs to be signed in to at least one network, so the flow starts there, but a publisher can sign in to additional networks through the settings section.

HasOffers Publisher App Comp Flow

We have a design system for our products at TUNE. As part of the work on this app, I defined the specs for mobile apps. I built a symbol library and styles in Sketch, making it very easy for anyone on the team to quickly design hi-fi comps and prototypes. We’ve found increased efficiency across our organization by moving quickly between whiteboarding and team discussions, to updates immediately reflected in the comps. It removes a lot of the assumptions we’ve found people have working on mockup level designs.