Systems and Product Designer


This project was to design an online marketing platform used to target a company’s list of contacts with specific offers or campaigns. One of my favorite parts is the campaign design map. One of my main goals was to clearly portray the flow of the campaign to give the user the necessary context while editing individual elements. On this design surface the user can add elements from the palette on the left. I wanted to minimize dragging operations so the palette ‘locks’ into a mode when the user selects an element. The user then has a few options about how to place one or more instances of a given type of element, the most obvious of which is to click to place. Some other options are offered in a non-intrusive way to provide the user an opportunity to learn about some shortcuts in the system. This contextual learning as you go model is something I always try to incorporate into my designs.

Another feature of the design canvas is the ability to quickly determine which elements are complete and which need further work. This is indicated by the border color. The user can click on the gear icon of any element to go to the edit page and finish the configuration.

One of the central features of the system is the ability to selectively target your marketing campaigns, and the primary way that is achieved is through filtering. A company may have a large list of contacts, but may only want to market campaigns to a small portion. I wanted to give the user some way to understand how the campaign was going to act when it ran, so I included the idea of calculating the contact counts at each node. This allows the user to find any place that appears more or less restrictive than expected and provides a way to estimate how many contacts will be reached by each channel.