Systems and Product Designer

Fractalmouse Game Engine

The Fractalmouse Game Engine stemmed from the work on Looting. It is a generalization of back-end game management targeted toward game developers who want to focus on game play instead of common features like state, leaderboards, and social integration.

Once a user signs up for the service, they can create as many game publishers as they need, and multiple apps per publisher.

The core of the game setup is in the definition of the game pieces. For instance, in Looting there are the five ships the player can place on the game board, including the properties of those ships we need to keep track of in the game engine.

We already have a Ship defined, but a game could have as many types of assets as necessary.

The rest of the setup is in defining the custom code that runs every time a player takes a turn. The developer can define the necessary parameters for a turn, in this case the x and y position the player wants to attack, and can write a custom JavaScript handler to affect the secure and authoritative game state in the engine.

After the state has been defined within the game engine, the developer downloads a custom-generated wrapper API in their preferred language to include in their game. Usage is as simple as calling the API for standard user management and turn functions. Multiplayer games without all the hassle!