Systems and Product Designer

HasOffers Process Study

HasOffers is a performance marketing platform that allows publishers (like blog and news sites) to display ads (offers) and be paid for driving high-quality customer engagement with the product the advertiser is offering.



These issues were discovered through user observation during a field study with multiple clients.

Other ways I would typically discover problems:

Collecting Information


Testing and Validation

User testing - This test was pretty straightforward and matched user's expectations and assumptions well. We did identify one issue in that the caps section is always only for the current day, but the remainder of the report allows the user to select a timeframe. We made one minor adjustment to the design to change the word "Daily" to "Today" midway through testing and found positive result from subsequent testers.

There was also one tester who provided feedback about the detail and readability of the bullet charts. I explored other presentation options to include a sparkline type presentation of the daily traffic patterns.